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Is happiness constantly out of your control?

Are you scared to find the courage to become free of the conflicts, stresses and strains in your life?

I am so excited you found me! If you are looking for a Life Coach who specialises in helping you gain clarity so you can discover your true purpose and have a fulfilling successful life, hopefully, I am the person you are looking for. My unique ability is to help people solve problems and specifically those that need you to be confident to resolve. I am able to provide a space to discover creative and innovative solutions. My experience of working in this field has led me to the conclusion that with the right attitude to our challenges and the acceptance that a fresh perspective can bring new insights, change is possible and not as scary as it might seem. 

So if you are considering how to get the best out of your life, and how to get the best out of Life Coaching, then read on to find out how to get the best out of a Life Coach…!

1. Be Patient and Open-minded. No one has all the answers.

Nothing happens overnight. Getting the most out of coaching starts with an open mind and an honest look at your strengths and vulnerabilities, personality traits and potential challenges. As your coach, I won’t be providing you with answers or advice. I’ll assume you’re the expert in knowing what’s best for you and enable you to consider looking at things from a different perspective to open up the world in front of you. Accept the process for what it is and that it might take longer than you want, but maintain a sense of urgency to keep focused on doing everything in your power to have the best options available. Have you ever talked yourself out of something because you or someone else thought you would fail? Sometimes the major limiting factors for a person are the people closest to them. As your Coach, I am not affected by any choices you make, so my focus is believing in you as a highly creative, capable, resilient, and powerful person.

2. Be prepared for Challenging Questions to embrace New Ways of Thinking.

One of the core competencies of a Coach is direct communication. This includes listening and focusing on the content of what you’re saying and asking questions that challenge your model of the world. As your Coach, I’d ask you challenging questions about your beliefs, your environment, actions, capabilities and choices. You’ll discover what’s truly important to you and what is possible in the world. This means you can identify what you need to clear the way for committed action to get positive results. Embracing new perspectives on what you can achieve, will mean you can develop a vision for where you want to go. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to talk about any personal sensitive issues; as your Coach, I’m trained in NLP techniques that don’t require this level of discussion for you to achieve your future goals and focus on your unlimited possibilities.

To find out more about NLP – CLICK HERE.

Kate is an inspiration to me both professionally and as a friend. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient and articulate in her coaching, I knew I was in safe hands and always felt at ease to ask questions.
Tracy Mak

Owner , Milan Pole Dance Studio

Kate challenges me greatly, but it always makes me discover how strong, powerful and talented I am. It makes things happen, no matter how “impossible” they seem to be.

Ganna Sloan

Photographer, AFreakA

3. Be ready to step outside your Comfort Zone to take action

Having a narrow view on your own life and possibilities can limit your perspective as well as potential opportunities. Coaching is a two-way relationship. All the instruction in the world won’t help if it falls on deaf ears. You might have specific goals or your intention may be to get more clarity around what your goals are and what your purpose is. Becoming clear on what you want to accomplish helps you invest your energy in the most beneficial way. This means you can set goals that inspire and motivate you, not overwhelm and stress you. As your Coach, I’ll help you to see the bigger picture and think outside your comfort zone. This could include looking at a particular challenge from a different angle, seeking out new opportunities and stretching yourself in new situations and directions.

4. How much Time, Commitment and Money are you willing to invest in your future?

To be successful, you need to be ready to invest time, money, and emotional commitment, so it’s important to be clear on what you are willing to invest for your future. The more committed you are to the process, the more results you’ll accomplish. This looks different for everyone, so consider how much you’re willing to spend, and how much time and energy you are willing, and have, to commit. To be brutally honest, in order to get the most out of coaching, or to even get any benefit from it all, you will need to create both time and space in your life to learn and grow beyond where you are today. And that is the point. A highly skilled Coach will give you that moment you always look back to when you decided become clear about your desires and dreams, take control of what you want in life, started taking action, get back into action, and change and grow. If you’ve thought about having coaching sessions, are you willing to do what it takes to succeed?

Kate is such a positive person who is incredible in pressure situations as she always keeps a calm cool head. I have received so much encouragement, enthusiasm and knowledge from her, she is essential to have in your corner if you’re wanting to succeed.

Rebekah Metcalfe

I have worked with Kate for over 7 years and she is a remarkably insightful coach and trainer. She has coached me and helped me develop and grow not only in my professional role but also as a person.

Petra Larsson

Owner, Studio DQ

5. Build a level of Trust with your Coach and don’t be afraid to get Personal

What your coach learns about you will help determine which strategies and action steps are the most likely to help you become successful. This is your coach. They are here to help. Having a coach, especially one you’ve hired, is a unique experience. This doesn’t mean disclosing sensitive personal information, it means talking about your ambitions and dreams out loud. Don’t be afraid to get real. People work together better when they feel comfortable enough to articulate questions and concerns. Maybe you’ve never opened up about your ideas before, so learning how to clearly put across how you feel, think and hope for your future will be an invaluable skill. As your Coach, you can be confident and reassured that our sessions are based on trust between us both. I abide by a professional Code of Ethics which I take very seriously and operate in accordance not only to the legalities of international data protection laws but also to a professional Code of Conduct.

The goals of NLP based therapy or coaching are designed to help improve your self-awareness, confidence, communication skills, and social actions. Using a set of language and sensory-based interventions, you will gain an understanding of how you view the world, how you operate within it and identify potential areas of your thoughts and behaviours that are necessary to change. NLP is about helping people move forward into a positive state, so they can achieve great things. In fact, go ahead right now and think… If there was one thing you could change, one habit you could break, what would it be? PLEASE EXPLORE THE LINKS BELOW TO FIND OUT MORE…